This the Home Page for the Freemans' Retired & Former Staff website


 Remember This?

Welcome to the website for Freemans Retired and Former Staff. The London RFSA have established this site to provide early and additional information to our Retired & Former Staff Association members not always in receipt of current newsletters.

We will be trying to update this website more often than we can issue newsletters.

That means we'll be putting news of our events on the site, reviews of what we've been doing, and news that we get from you, our network of old friends and colleagues from Clapham Road, Norbury and Orpington.

All you have to do is look us up once in a while. You can use the site to email us, give us comments on the site (and anything else takes your fancy) and let us know if you'd like to use the website or the newsletter to give some publicity to any events you're organizing to get old Freemans friends together.

Don't worry if you weren't strictly London based. We intend to be as inclusive as the business once was, so we'll welcome contributions from old friends from Peterborough, Sheffield, Washington and Leeds. 

And please note our new title!

We're are now officially the Retired AND FORMER Staff Association, happy to welcome the many people who haven't yet retired, but who worked at Freemans for more than 10 years.

Check out the new 'Freemans Retired & Former Staff' Facebook page! 

leave any comments you like on the facebook page, or here on our visitor book, or email: